France, 1661 A.D
A year of change and social turmoil is drawing to a close. The King’s wedding to the Spanish princess has been celebrated and effectively drawn a close to the Thirty Years War between the countries. Now it’s time to discover what the new year holds in store for everyone in the court of the man who will become the Sun King. No doubt we can expect a good deal of La Fausseté.

Historical // AU French Court Intrigue, 1600's

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February 2 Month Change // The IC month is now February! Get excited for a bunch of fun events like Valentine's Day and the ballet. Also be aware that we will begin our OTM NOMINATIONS and voting, as well as running an ACTIVITY CHECK throughout the month.

December 29 Grand opening // The court is officially open for all of your scandal and intrigue, so take a look around and enjoy. Please be certain to read the rules and pertinent info, and don’t be shy to ask any questions you might have! Welcome to La Fausseté!

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Current Event: Valentine's Day Court

The holiday is celebrated with an elaborate masque hosted by the King and Queen in the Palais du Louvre. Cupid is portrayed as ever by Monsieur, the King’s brother, and the young men of his entourage and the King’s act as his cherubs, delivering poems and flowers to the people of court. Lovers typically send one another notes and poems through the cherubs or other means leading up to the party in the evening where Monsieur as Cupid rules for the night.
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No New Posts Important Information
The first steps to becoming part of the many twisted and terrible happenings of the Courts can be found in here. To ensure a smooth entrance into La Fausseté, be certain to read everything provided. This includes the Rulebook, our plot and the F.A.Qs. Still have questions? Feel free to PM a staffer or ask in our chatbox!

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No New Posts Updates & Announcements
Monthly updates and announcements of both out of character and in character sorts can be found here. Be sure to pay attention and check back regularly!

If you have any questions or suggestions for La Fausseté, here is where you will drop us a line!

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No New Posts Join the Court
Once you have read all of the important information and have decided to join La Fausseté, here is where you can find the character profile form. Please fill it out completely! We do have a section for incomplete forms, if you wish to post them.

Subforums: Pending Applications, Works in Progress

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No New Posts Lists & Claims
All important lists and claims -- such as face and family claims -- can be found here. Be sure to check that your desired character or face hasn't already been taken! When your character is approved, be certain to stop by and make your claims!

Subforums: Canon Lists

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No New Posts The Court Records
Once characters have been accepted, their profiles will be moved to their appropriate place here. They are listed in alphabetical order by first name!

Please remember that these profiles represent our characters' histories even as they grow within our world. Be certain to keep your profiles up to date, including age and any other matters that may arise. However, do NOT make any significant changes to history already approved without the express permission of a staff member.

Subforums: Royalty, Courtiers, Foreigners, Players, Commoners

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No New Posts Character Development
All matters of character development take place here. Feel free to post up your plotters and shippers, but we ask you keep them to one per character.

You will also find a place for thread trackers and character requests! Our Character Request section is guest friendly, so feel free to check out the wanted characters and maybe pick one up!

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No New Posts Palais du Louvre
Having been the residence and seat of the French Crown since Henry IV took the throne in 1589, the Palais du Louvre plays host to the majority of the French Court when they are within Paris. Boasting grand wings, art galleries and gardens, it is a clear statement of French power. It is currently undergoing construction and additions by declaration of Louis XIV. The Crowned King and Queen, their households and most of the French courtiers within Paris are housed within the Louvre while the rest are housed within Tuileries.

Subforums: Royal Chambers, Noble Apartments, The Chapel

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No New Posts Palais des Tuileries
Commissioned by Catherine de' Medici back in 1564, the Palais des Tuileries has a distinctly Italian feel to it, most notably among its grand Gardens. Having been extended upon regularly since Henry IV took the throne of France, Tuileries has since all but connected to the Louvre and plays host to the Dowager Queen, the Duke of Orleans and a number of French and foreign courtiers and dignitaries thanks in part to its long, spacious wings. Most recently, the Théâtre des Tuileries has been built and completed in its construction, as commissioned by Philippe for his brother. Many of the larger events hosted by the French Court are held within this Palace and its Grand Salon.

Subforums: Royal Chambers, Noble Apartments, The Grand Salon, Jardin des Tuileries, Théâtre des Tuileries

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No New Posts The City of Paris
For those brave enough to venture beyond the grounds of their gilded Palaces, the city of Paris stretches before them invitingly. Home to the common classes, Paris has something to offer for anyone and everyone. Beware the alleyways and darker places, however. The common people do not love their high-born peers, and are known to attack and mug those that look rich and well off.

Subforums: Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris

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In: Fur Raiding for Diplomacy
By: Anne de Lorraine

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No New Posts Château de Versailles
The Château de Versailles was originally built in 1624 by Louis XIII, serving as a spacious if relatively small hunting lodge upon the edges of the village of Versailles. Since his crowning, Louis XIV has taken distinct interest in this small chateau and has begun construction upon it to expand it, with the first additions being a large, sprawling garden. It acts as a hunting and summer lodge for the Royal Family when they have want or time to escape the Palaces of Paris.

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No New Posts Other Châteaus & the Countryside
Beyond Paris and its surrounding lands is the entire country of France. Dotted as she is with other chateaus belonging to the country's Nobility, France also has countless small villages all along its roads.

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Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts Elsewhere in Europe
While France is the focal point of most stories to be had, the entirety of Europe lies beyond her borders to every side -- even across the Channel. With dignitaries and ambassadors coming from all over, it is not uncommon for the wealthy to travel beyond the borders, back to their homelands.

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No New Posts Across the Seas
With sea travel growing ever more efficient and common, the world as the French know it is rapidly shrinking. With the English Channel and the Atlantic Ocean to the northwest and the Mediterranean to the southeast, France knows how to handle open waters. Not to mention, colonies have been established in the new world -- the Americas. But remember, sea travel is dangerous and the chance of disease and death is high. It would be wise to leave it to the privateers and Admirals.

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Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts Letters & Journals
In this day and age, the ink and quill is perhaps the most common way of speaking one's thoughts and feelings without actually saying a word. Letters, confessions, plans and more can be shared by way of ink and paper here. But be wary. Should one's journals or letters fall into the wrong hands, one could meet a devastating end.

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No New Posts In the Past...
The past is quite literally the very thing that dictates the present and shapes the future. Stories of days -- if not years -- long gone and nearly forgotten can be found here.

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No New Posts Member's Lounge
Come in, say hello and kick back with your fellow members! The Member's Lounge is here for all of your OOC needs. Anything and everything -- within reason and our rules at least -- is welcome here. Rant, rave, party! Or just share your grandma's secret family recipe for cookies, that works too.

You'll also find all the good old games every forum has here, so have fun!

Please use your OOC account only!

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No New Posts The Plug Board
Here is the one and only place where open advertising is allowed. Stop by here with your own sites and toss them our way! Please be sure to follow our rules and respect our site just as we will respect yours.

If you would like to affiliate with us, please check our affiliate requirements!

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